What is Iconochasm?

Iconochasm was initially founded in 2013 by Ben Dextraze to create compelling media through various mediums.

The name Iconochasm is a play on words: it morphs ‘iconoclast’, a breaker and challenger of icons, with ‘chasm’, which signifies our understanding of icons being lost to time.

Ben Dextraze
Ben Dextraze

Our society and system of language — the vary fabric by which we create and broadcast meaning — is laced and indoctrinated with iconic bias we simply take for granted; therefore we must challenge and re-define what icons stand for and redefine them. This flux is how we choose to re-imagine our world.

Iconochasm sees change as necessary, essential, and inevitable: revolution is evolution.

Currently, Iconochasm continues to produce documentary, commercial, and fiction projects – but is geared towards competitive projects that redefine our world by showing them in festivals across the globe.

This is our evolution; this is our re-imagining; this is the Iconochasm.

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