A New Beginning

Hey! Ben Dextraze here–actor, writer, filmmaker. This is my website Iconochasm.  Below are a few of my updated reels — they’re separated into Live-Action, Documentary, and Corporate/Promotional. I thought these reels would serve to save time while showcasing specific workflows.

Take a gander and let me know your thoughts if you have some time.

Honestly, I enjoy marketing and promotional work — but I love making movies. My goal now is to work both in commercial and creative while building a solid body of work that can maintain both.

I just upgraded my camera and am looking to keep building my reel by working with new clients and collaborating with fellow creatives and technicians–there’s a lot of businesses looking for help, and a lot of talented creators with gear itching to make meaningful stories.

The struggle is ultimately finding ways we can all work together, so reach out and let me know how I can help you make your business or film project come to life!

In the meantime I’m hoping to produce an award winning, short script I wrote this summer as a proof of concept–while developing it into my first feature film!

Hope you like what you see on my website! Take care.