A short, award winning Western — written and starring Len Harvey. Featuring Jason William Lee, Julianna Bergstrom, and Kristopher West. Produced, directed, and edited by Ben Dextraze



A lone rider treks across the Oregon Territory, looking for something, or someone. Night falls as a young woman sits bound and gagged, alone by campfire. A man emerges from the darkness and slowly walks towards the fire. He walks to her showing he means no harm as another figure appears from the shadows. The new man reveals he’s a US Marshall, and both men show their pistols. The first man whistles for another figure to emerge from the darkness — the two bandits smile as it’s a lopsided standoff — two against one. They hesitate, then quickly draw their pistols! Everyone is shot, except for the young woman–who also pulled a gun in the draw! She speaks to US Marshall who is still standing, revealing he’s her father and the campfire was staged capture the bandits. But when her father suddenly collapses, he reveals he’s been shot. As he dies, his daughter’s scream echoes into the night–she’s now alone in the vast, rugged wilderness.


The film is currently being submitted to festivals around the globe, but if you would like to be contact about upcoming screenings, or privately view the film please contact Ben Dextraze —


“From the Darkness”
Written by Len Harvey
Julianna Bergstrom as Danielle
Jason William Lee as Trenton
Kristopher West as Gerald
Len Harvey as Edward
Produced, Directed, and Edited by Ben Dextraze
Script Supervisor – Corrine Taliunas
1st AD – Sheila McLennan
2nd AD – Adam Klassen
Director of Photography/Cam Op – Cameron Root
1st AC – Jonathan Yip
2nd AC Kelso Lenz
Gaffer – Cameron Desloges
Best Girl – Nina Wagner
Genny Op – Paul Mayne
Key Grip – Doug Beck
Best Boy – Lester Fong
Props Master/Grip Swing – Adam Albert’s
Production Design – Doug Teather
Costume Designer – Julie White
Key Hair/Make-up – Emily Ann Couples
Assistant HMU – Cindy Fong
Armorer – Jon Funk
Music by Devin Roth
VFX by Calvin Romelyn
Colored by Phoebe Titus
Production Sound recorded by Suzanna Dextraze
Foley and Sound Mix by Christopher Cleator