What is Iconochasm?

Iconochasm was initially founded in 2013 by Ben Dextraze to create compelling media through various mediums.

The name Iconochasm is a play on words: it morphs ‘iconoclast’ — a breaker and challenger of icons — with ‘chasm’, which signifies our understanding of icons being lost to time and space.

Our culture and society, and systems of languages therein — the very threads by which we weave and broadcast the tapestry of meaning — is laced and indoctrinated with iconic bias we simply take for granted.

But if we question, identify, and challenge the status quo and look beyond the ordinary, we come to constantly question and redefine what an icon is, and what is means to us now. This continual flux is where we reconsider and reimagine our spiritual and material world — and this its where Iconochasm hopes to position itself creatively — if only  to continually question and challenge widely held popular beliefs.

Although we want to entertain, we also want to provoking change — Iconochasm sees change as necessary, essential, and inevitable: revolution is evolution.

But everything takes time, before time take it.

Currently, Iconochasm is producing short form documentary/non-fiction, commercial, and live-action projects that are geared towards competitive festivals.

Witness our evolution.

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