What is Iconochasm?

ICONOCHASM was initially founded in 2013 by Ben Dextraze to create provocative, digital media in a new era of media production. 

As cameras have gotten smaller and more refined, so has our appetite for great content.

Our corporate clients have ranged from the University of Alberta, the Opticians Association of Canada, to the the Coaches Site. We’ve freelanced events, shot promotional videos,  produced music videos, and other films!

Winning awards along the way.  


We offer client focused services for small businesses looking to generate compelling, online content. We have over twenty+ years working in print and digital media; theatre, television and film.  As such we can work with clients from the ground up, focusing their ideas and realizing them.

If you are interested in working with Iconochasm, please email ben@iconochasm.com and we’d be glad to assist your needs — no matter how big or small!


What’s in a name?

A lot, actually.

Our name is a play on words. Simply put an ‘iconoclast’ is a breaker and challenger of icons — and their ideals.  Today,  digital media creates a vast ‘chasm’  of information and icons which overwhelm us.  How do we weed out what we consider iconic? What stands out to us? What does not?

Basically,  “Iconochasm” signifies our understanding of icons being broken and remade by people today. To do so, we need to challenge our beliefs by questioning what they are.

Who and what do you see as iconic?  

If you start questioning what is iconic,  you can start challenging the status quo to look beyond the ordinary and redefine the icons of the future.

How could you tell a story that might change the world?

How can you be iconic?

This reimagining is where we can reconsider and redefine our media landscape — one step at a time.

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