The Boiler Room

The Boiler Room combines screenwriting, and on-camera acting workshops.  The concept seeks to create a  holistic workspace where writers can act, and actors can offer direction — thereby nurturing, developing, and encouraging a collective. 

From script to screen. 

Participants Adam Klassen (left) and Robert Gary Haccke (right) during the On-Camera workshop.

Emphasis of the Boiler Room is about building an inclusive collective while becoming more comfortable writing and acting for the camera.  But the  Boiler Room is also about giving artists a chance to share their voice, broaden their skills, and offer their insight for each other to grow by. Ultimately, Boiler Room is about people working together to create compelling stories, characters, and films.

The Boiler Room is where it all begins, together. 

Participants of the Boiler Room embrace during the filming of Highground, a film conceived by Lamont James Brown and Ben Dextraze

The Boiler Room is held every second Sunday at Cineworks’s downtown location, 1131 Howe Street, Vancouver, B.C. — the entrance to access the space is around the back of the building, and only through the alleyway. 

Currently, our Writers’ Room takes place at 3 – 530pm, while the On-Camera Acting Workshop happens 6pm -10pm.

For more information about attending, please contact Ben Dextraze

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